Point of Departure: “Study#2: Holy Cabinet” – October 19-21, 2012

Direction: Eun Jung Choi
Movement Collaboration/Performance: John Luna, Bronwen MacArthur, Scott McPheeters, and Guillermo Ortega Tanus
Music Score: Alban Bailly
Costume Design: Eun Jung Choi, consultation from Jennielynn Streed
Costume Construction: Eun Jung Choi, consultation and assistance from Patricia Dominguez
Lighting Design: Kathy Kaufmann
Fairies: Shailer Kern-Carruth, Megan Mizanty, and Megan Quinn

Study #2: Holy Cabinet is supported in part with funds from the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival as part of a Live Arts Brewery Fellowship.


In the space of Holy Cabinet, everything is possible and nothing is impossible. Our collective imaginations will act as vehicles to another world of the unforeseen.  Holy Cabinet’s playfulness breaks down its original structure, displaying a wide variety of visual images with its humor, buoyancy, and perplexity.  Set to an original music by Alban Bailly, Study #2: Holy Cabinet will be performed by “Philly’s most intriguing dancers” (by Lisa Kraus, Dance Magazine Jan. 12): Bronwen MacArthur, Guillermo Ortega Tanus, John Luna, and Scott McPheeters.

For more information on POD site: www.point-of-departure.com

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