Atypical – Lindsay Browning, Da·Da·Dance, Oscuro Quintet

February 27 | 7pm

One evening: 3 performances

Da Da Dance presents AURORAS. Auroras delves into a world of “Saturation”. A saturated world will be explored through the contrasts of colors, theatrical exaggeration, jolt of invented movement and gender specified costumes in a non-gender defined space. The colors of AURORAS are inspired by dramatic Northern polar lights, which illuminate the northern horizon as a greenish glow or sometimes a faint red, as if the sun were rising from an unusual direction. AURORAS intends to deliver its beauty, absurdity and buoyancy which become appreciative through two visceral characters brought to stage along with the uniquely intensified contrasting colors, as seen in Northern sky lights.

Lindsay Browning will present a multi-media solo dance piece.

Oscuro Quintet will present a mix of tangos, traditional and modern, ranging from classics from tango’s “Golden Age” to the complex and emotional music of Astor Piazzolla.

For more information, visit Painted Bride Art Center Website

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