Workshop with Helena Franzén

We are thrilled to announce that the company is hosting Helena Franzén to teach a workshop in Philadelphia from May 2nd through 3rd at the University of the Arts (1401 Walnut Street).  This two-day/10hrs. intensive workshop will be in two parts: 1) Dance Technique “The Breaking Body” 2) Creative Process “The Duo Experience.”  Please read the descriptions below and Helena’s Bio.

Helena Franzén

Workshop with Helena Franzén

Sat, May 2 2015 1:00 PM Sun, May 3 2015 6:00 PM

@ The University of the Arts – 1401 Walnut Street, Philadelphia (above Banana Republic)

The workshop has two parts: 1) The Breathing Body (technique); 2) The Duo Experience (creating process)

1) The Breathing Body – 1-3PM

Helena Franzén’s technique class is released based and the focus is to open the body finding the ease and the efficient way of moving. Floor exercises and inspiration of yoga are methods to find the centre, the flexibility and the strength of the body. We are working on the importance of the breath, creating a sensitive mind together with the body.

The warm-up is a preparation to a longer phrase material where different dynamics and awareness of the space and musicality is exposed and clarified. Physical challenges of covering space are encouraged.

2) The Duo Experience 3-6 PM

In the workshop we are dealing with the physical interpretation of a repertoire material and what happens in the transmission when the dancer is trying to understand the qualities and the nature of the movement language. We ask questions about how you can get closer to the understanding of the physicality. What is it to really understand a movement within a dancer?

We start from a specific solo material and challenge ourselves, trying different ways and methods how to approach unfamiliar movements, how take charge and finally how to give in to the movement. During the workshop the solo material is going to be translated and explored into duos.

How can we communicate with another interpreter that knows the same dance material? In the interpretation of the solo material we discover new layers of consciousness, getting sensible to the constant change of the body knowledge.

Above all, the workshop encourages taking risks in body and in mind- a tribute to pure delight of the dancing body!



”Few Swedish choreographers are so generous, stimulatingly inventive and physically intelligent as Helena Franzén.” Dagens Nyheter 2010

Over the years Helena Franzén has choreographed more than 70 pieces. Helena has been commissioned to create works for The Göteborg Ballet, Skånes Dansteater, Norrdans, DDT Company, Copenhagen the Royal Opera in Copenhagen and The Edge at the Place in London. She also teaches technique classes and repertoir in Sweden and abroad.

In her work, Helena Franzén focuses on the dancing, musical body. Anatomical structures, dynamic progression and physical functions are recurrent themes in her artistic pursuits. During the years, she has developed a personal movement vocabulary, charged with intricate, physical challenges and explosiveness – a special poetry of the articulated body.

All of her dancers contribute with their individual integrity of motion and a strong and intense presence. In her most recent productions, she has developed a close collaboration with musicians performing live. The music and the dance challenge each other, creating a nerve and density running through the dynamics of the moving body as well as time structures.

In 2007 Helena Franzén obtained a 10-year grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee. In 2014 she was awarded The Gunnevik prize with the motivation:  A choreographer whos artistic work appeared as mature and detailed already from the beginning. She is uncompromisingly and consistently investigating in the eternal possibilities of the movements in her dance. She is a dance artist that together with her dancers create the poetry of the articulated body.

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