June 29th and July 1st
Technique Classes $7

PhillyPARD (Performance Arts Research & Development)
1720 Mt.Vernon St
Philadelphia – PA 19130
ph: (215) 717-6117

“Movement Lab’s” goal is to serve as a vehicle for dancers and movers to evaluate muscular/structural potential and limits. Through this exploration, we will find ways to move more freely and expressively. The Lab is focused on finding cognitive playfulness in a movement practice, which in turn allows us to be more dexterous and agile. This class is designed to activate our intellectual curiosity, imagination, and creativity. A self-exploratory and self-explanatory approach is the central component to this class.

There will be a set of exercises that will be taught each day. The importance in this class is not about repeating the choreography with precision. The choreography exercises simply provide structure for which we can practice moving and gather new information for ourselves and our body as we consciously move.

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