Numero Uno

Photo Credit: Steven Schreiber

(1 min. structured improvisation)

41) Numero Uno Jane Wang Da·Da·Dance Project
60 x 60 Dance at Galapagos Art Space

16 Main Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
United States

60×60 Project 60×60 Dance returns to Galapagos to pair 60 composers with choreographers to create 60 dances for an electrifying one-hour multimedia performance 60×60 Dance is a multimedia extravaganza creating 60 dances with the works of 60 composers for a thrilling one-hour surfing of today’s music and dance scenes.×60/

About the composer
Jane Wang was born in the United Kingdom and is somewhat relieved (but not proud) to be a dual citizen. She started composing in her early thirties after working as a software engineer at companies that have since disappeared. She enjoys composing/improvising for multimedia performances and her recent obsession is Moving Sound which seeks to blur the line between movement and sound. Numero Uno is my reaction to being an ugly American. This piece was constructed using manipulations of found audio clips and recorded material layered with precanned loops. Any distortion experienced is intentional.

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